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US Army Seeks Good Gamers(優秀なゲーマー求む:米陸軍)

U.S. Army is seeking for good gamers as candidate for the soldiers. 2 years ago, US Army launched a free PC game, which simulates military life. Depicting realistic battle situations, the game attracted 3.3 million registered players. The game has become more efficient promotion tool for recruitment relative to other media, with its higher follow-through rate. In addition, an academic research revealed that good gamers tend to have better visual-spatial abilities, which are important skills as soldiers (Article is here.).

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An Analysis of Virtual Currencies in Online Games (オンラインゲームの中の仮想通貨の分析)

Hiroshi Yamaguchi (2004). "An Analysis of Virtual Currencies in Online Games" Working Paper. (ダウンロードはこちら

In virtual worlds of MMORPGs (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games), we observe that many players purchase virtual items by using real currencies, which is so-called eBaying. Based on the model developed by Castronova (2001), I analyze the value of virtual items in the virtual and real markets.

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Cyber Police Arrested File-Exchange Software Developer(サイバー警察、ファイル交換ソフト開発者を逮捕)

Kyoto Prefectural Police arrested 33-year-old lecturer at the Univ. of Tokyo, for his development of a file exchange software called "Winny" that facilitated illegal exchange of software and digital contents by anonymous users (article in Japanese is here).

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Castronova Goes to Bloomington(カストロノバ准教授、インディアナ大学へ移籍)

Dr. E. Castronova, an associate professor at California State Univ. at Fullerton, and known for his research on economics in the virtual world of online games, is going to move to Telecommunications Dep't at Indiana Univ. this fall as an associate professor (see Terra Nova for detail).
オンラインゲームの仮想世界における経済の研究で知られるカリフォルニア州立大学フラートン校のE. カストロノバ准教授が、今年秋より、インディアナ大学テレコミュニケーション学部の准教授に就任することとなった(Terra Novaはこちら)。

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CW2004: Paper Due Postponed to May 10(CW2004の論文提出締め切り、5月10日まで延期)

The due date of the paper submission for the 2nd International Conference on Cyberworlds (CW2004: CYBERWORLDS 2004) scheduled on Nov. 18-20, 2004 in Tokyo, is postponed to May 10.
2004年11月18~20日の予定で東京において開催される「CYBERWORLDS 2004」第2回国際大会の論文提出締め切りは、当初予定の5月1日から、5月10日まで延期された。

For submission of papers, go to the conference website.

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