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A Virtual University in the Real University(仮想大学が現実の大学の中に)

In this April, an university was established in cyberspace of the internet. It is called "Necomi" University (Both the site and the news article are only in Japanese. "Necomi" is an abbreviation of "net communication.").

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A Brain-Driven Game(脳で動かすゲーム)

A group of US scientists reported that they succeeded in an experiment that a video game operated by the electronic signals of human brains through codes attached directly to the brain. (The artible is here. I thank Tore Vester by for notifying me of the URL.)

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11-Year-Old Schoolgirl Commit Virtual & Real Homicides(11歳女子小学生、仮想&現実世界で殺人)

On June 1, an 11-year-old schoolgirl, living in Sasebo city (in Kyushu), killed her classmate by slashing the neck with a cutter knife.

The assailant had been an intimate friend of the victim. They often played together through avatar chatting in the Internet. However, their relationship went sour due to various reasons, which drove the assailant to the formidable crime.

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Census of a Vitual World in Final Fantasy XI(ファイナル・ファンタジーXIの国勢調査)

Square Enix, the operator of "Final Fantasy XI," released the result of the 4th census of Vana'diel, the virtual world in the game. The survey was conducted to cover the entire virtual world of Vana'diel, more than 30 worlds across hundreds of servers around the (real) world (The survey result is here.).

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Tokyo Character Show: 24-25 July(東京キャラクターショー2004、7月24、25日に開催)

Tokyo Character Show 2004, the 7th annual exhibition for character goods producers, will be held on 24-25 July at Makuhari Messe (Chiba prefecture)

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