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Online Games That Bring You Back To '80s

Do you want to go back to the good old days of 1980s? At "Natsu-Gei," which stands for "nostalgic games," you can play various games that we had accustomed to in the 80s. Target players are now in 20s and 30s. People in these generations have grown with TV games.

The site is operated by NTT Communications, the NTT group company for long distance calls. 9 out of 10 games are for 1-person play, but one game started beta service for 2-person play. Players pay 30-80 yen per play.

An interesting feature is that the site prepares online community feature, which allows players to interact online. It includes mail, bulletin board, and chat functions. You can exchange secret skills with the fellow players.

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Univ. of Tokyo Establishes Grad Program for Content Studies

University of Tokyo, one of the leading university in Japan, opens this October a graduate program for studies of content, including games, movies, anime, and so forth. As a kick off event, they held a seminar session on September 29, titled "International Cooperation among Gamer Developers." Two distinguished lecturers presented speeches. First, Mr. Jason Della Rocca, a program director at IGDA, talked about "Industry/Academic Relations" on game studies. He explained what is expected for both industry and academic sides in enhancing game studies. And second, Dr. Gonzalo Frasca, a reserch scientist at the Center for Computer Game Research at the IT University in Copenhagen, talked about "Some Recent Trends in Cultural Computer Game Research," He presented recent trends of game studies, including i) ludology, ii) studies of virtual worlds of MMORPGs, and iii) serious games.

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